Thursday, March 8, 2012

Soft Tissue Laser Therapy

The latest conservative gum therapy uses a laser. The laser gently disinfects and evaporates diseased tissues from around the tooth and inside the gum pocket. This treatment interrupts the bacterial destruction of the tissues and bone giving the gum pocket a chance to heal. Systematic repeated visits, generally 2-8, allows the gum pocket to be disease-free and sometimes allows tissues to reattach to the pocket back to a normal or near-normal depth. This new laser therapy is gentle, less painful, has a quick recovery. While surgery may still be indicated for severely advanced periodontal cases, laser therapy is a much more conservative, effective and comfortable option for beginning to moderate periodontal cases.

Are Lasers New to Dentistry?

Shortly after the invention of lasers in the early 1960's, lasers were investigated for their use in gum treatment. Recent developments have made it possible to use lasers effectively in the dental office, for treatment of all soft tissues, including gums, and routinely for work on teeth and cavities also.

Will My Insurance Pay for Laser Treatment?

Today many dental services can be performed with the laser or traditional treatment. The procedure itself is usually covered by your dental insurance to some extent BUT the laser mode of therapy is NOT. You must decide if the extra expense for the laser will be worthwhile for you, as it will in many cases add to the cost out of pocket.

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